Marketing Strategy

One of the most common mistakes people commit when marketing their company digitally is that they send traffic to the wrong places. Whether
you’re sending out an email newsletter, or running an ad on Google, you should have a specific landing page ready for that marketing campaign.

If someone is doing a Google search for “Criminal defense lawyer” and when they click the ad, it takes them to your homepage, it’s not good enough. Usually your homepage will be generic and have little to do with the specific service the person searched for. This means your Google quality scores will be lower, so it will cost you more for every person who clicks onto your site.

Also, when the traffic does come to your site from the ad, the conversion rates will be lower as the content on the page isn’t focused around what the person searched for.

When we run marketing campaigns at Cato Marketing we make sure every specific campaign has it’s own landing page.

So when someone searches for “Criminal defense lawyer” and clicks on one of our ads, it takes them to a page where all the content is based around the criminal defense service our client offers. Further, every landing page has a built in contact form so the visitor can take the desired action then and there.