Email Automation

Pay-Per-Click marketing is a dangerous beast. In the wrong hands it is an easy way to waste a large budget and have very little to show for
it. Used correctly, PPC is the best way to get targeted action orientated people to your website. Further, with proper attention to detail it is possible to ensure you’re always running at a profitable return-on-investment.

 The trap with PPC is companies like Google make it very easy to set up. Why would you need an agency to run your account when you can do it yourself?

Unfortunately many people fall for this trap, and after wasting $$$ they realise they do need an agency who understand the difference between ‘broad match’ and ‘phrase match’ keyword targeting.

Cato Marketing currently run more than 10 different Adwords accounts for our clients. We work with every client to stay within spend limits and maintain profitability. We explore new business areas with our clients and use PPC as a tool to do this. We hold regular phone calls and face to face meetings with our clients to ensure they are happy with how things are being run.