Getting your Adwords up and running properly is only half the puzzle. The mistake a lot of Google Adwords advertisers make is they are sending traffic to either their home page, or to pages on their website that are not suitable for Adwords traffic.

It’s a mistake to send Google Adwords traffic to your home page because it’s unlikely to contain content specific to what the site visitor searched for. This means your quality scores will be lower, which means Google will charge you more to show in the same position than for a rival advertiser with a higher quality score.

Also, if the person was searching for “Intellectual Property Lawyer” and they get taken to the web page of a random law firm: “Welcome to Smith, Buchanan and Donaldson Attorneys”, with very little mention of intellectual property law, it’s likely they are just going to close the web page and try somewhere else. So if you send your search traffic to unoptimised pages, it will cost you more and your conversion rates will be lower.

The right way to do things is to build a separate landing page (at the very least) for every different service you are advertising. These pages should contain headline text that matches what the person searched for. They should contain all the key points about the service being advertised and also some background information on your firm.

Most importantly of all the page should contain a contact form for people to fill in. This is important because if you don’t do this, you aren’t encouraging people to take an action. They will just see your site, think: “oh cool”, and then go somewhere else.

When the visitor fills out the contact form, the details then get sent straight to your law firm, who then call up the person and turn them into a paying client.